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Meet Lesley Doell

Lesley Doell is a mom, wife, award-winning internationally-recognized education specialist and recipient of the Knight’s Honour Academic Palm from France. She is currently serving her tenth year on the Canadian Association of Immersion Professionals (ACPI) board, with the last four as president.

A strong believer in education, Lesley has served as an instructor at four Alberta post-secondary institutions and regularly shares her expertise both nationally and internationally. Lesley is also active politically and believes now is the time for fresh voices and perspectives in Alberta politics.

Born and raised in an Alberta oil and gas family, Lesley has an in-depth understanding of her province. She has weathered the ups and downs of our province's resource-based economy with her husband of 25 years while raising three children, now grown. 

As a lifelong conservative, Lesley possesses the life experience, leadership skills and determination to that will allow her to best represent this vibrant constituency at the provincial level. She is committed to moving Alberta to a better place for all, especially our future generations.

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