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Passionate Insightful Committed

Lesley Doell is seeking the nomination to be your United Conservative Party candidate in Calgary-Varsity.

Lesley combines a strong foundation of service in the public education sector, along with experience and proven leadership skills.

As an expert communicator in both English and French,  Lesley’s career translates well to politics. She works with people of varying opinions, cultures and backgrounds and brings them together to make a decision that serves the best interest of the majority…with limited time and resources.

Lesley is committed to ensuring her constituents will not only be respected, but well-represented on the provincial level.

Lesley believes in:

  • Balanced budgets
  • Putting families first
  • Creating opportunity to bring back Alberta investments
  • The Promise of Alberta – a prosperous partner in confederation

It is time for a fresh perspective and new ideas from a conservative who gets Alberta and understands all Albertans.

Authorized By The CFO For Vote for Lesley Doell.